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If you were at the 2021 TouchPoint Summit two weeks ago, you heard about the changes we announced to the Check-In Dashboard and the new Classroom Dashboard. These are both now live! 


Summary of Changes to the Check-In Dashboard
  • You can now see a total number of checked in people per time slot and each Involvement now breaks out the number of Leaders and Members/Guests checked in. The Capacity for each Meeting is now based on just the Members/Guests.
  • There is now the ability for a Leader in an Involvement to Notify Staff via the New Classroom Dashboard (read more below).
  • You will see a link next to each Involvement for that Meeting’s Classroom Dashboard.


Overview of the NEW Classroom Dashboard
  • Each Meeting has its own Dashboard where all Members and Guests are listed as they check in. When a new person checks in, his/her name is highlighted so that Leaders can be prepared to greet the child and the parents.
  • The photo, allergies, and birthday are listed for easy access.
  • Leaders have the ability to conveniently send an SMS message to the parents of the child (if they have a valid cell phone number on their record) as well as ping the staff (via the Check-In Dashboard) if assistance is needed.


Read more about the Check-In Dashboard and Classroom Dashboard

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