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The highly anticipated, flexible mobile app directories are in the final stages of testing now. We expect to have them in your hands very soon! After taking into consideration some feedback regarding the setting priorities, we have made a modification to the order in which these priorities will be followed: 

  1. Involvement Directory Settings - Staff may access these from the Involvement's  Settings > Directory tab. Staff will configure these to determine what displays for the Involvement's Directory. These will obey the preferences set on the Global Privacy Settings and will never reveal more information than what the User has put into place there. Additionally, these may be overridden by the Involvement-Specific Personal Privacy Settings.  
  2. Global Privacy Settings - These are accessed from a User's record (from the website or mobile app) and set into place the default privacy preferences to be used across all Involvements. If the User has configured these settings, these will be obeyed on all Directory Involvements in place of what has been established on the Involvement Directory Settings. Finally, these preferences will be obeyed unless the User updates his/her Involvement-Specific Personal Privacy Settings. 
  3. Involvement-Specific Personal Privacy Settings - The User may access and update these settings from the mobile app; staff may access these from the Member Dialog box. These preferences will override the User's Global Privacy Settings (whether sharing more or less information). They will also take priority over the Involvement Directory Settings, sharing more or less information than what is set as the default information on the Involvement Directory. 

Let's consider a couple of examples:

  • Amy has her Global Privacy Settings configured to not show a photo.
  • Amy is in a Parents Directory, and the Involvement Directory Settings show photos by default. Amy's photo will not be shown. 
  • Amy updates her Involvement-Specific Personal Privacy Settings for the Parents Directory to indicate she would like to show a photo. Her photo will now be visible to others for this Parents Directory. Her photo will continue to be hidden for all other Directories. 

  • John has his Global Privacy Settings configured to show a photo. 
  • John is in a Children's Ministry Leaders Directory, and the Involvement Directory Settings don't show photos by default. John's photo will be visible to others for this Children's Ministry Leaders Directory and for his other Directories. 

Read about Privacy Settings in the documentation



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