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One Page to Rule Them All

Make a gift

Giving customized

On just one page, donors can choose from a consolidated array of giving options, sidestepping the headache of clicking on multiple pages.

Make the page look and feel like your church with a custom skin and/or URL.

Commitments revealed

For churches that offer pledging, congregants who choose to pledge can now see the amounts they commit to without navigating to other pages.

Donors with recurring giving can see and manage their existing gifts all on this one simple page.


Recurring Gifts Encouraged

Default to generosity

Move parishioners towards consistent giving by designing your giving page to default to recurring gifts and suggest a starting amount, fund and/or frequency.

Accommodate donor needs

Give congregants the flexibility to choose not only the payment method, but when their gifts recur. From daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, and other time periods, donors can determine a frequency that suits their giving needs. More convenient still, they can choose the dates that work best for their schedule.

Accommodate donor needs

Grow Your Church Savings

More expansive hearts

More expansive hearts

Further open congregants’ hearts by giving them the option to cover transaction fees levied by their payment method — be it ACH, credit, or debit — that your church would otherwise pay.

Approximately 25 percent of donors will act on this option, giving you a rough estimate of the cost savings to your church. It may be even higher when this checked by default, an option you control.

Save processing fees when donors see the difference in cost between ACH and credit cards.

A payment solution that works for your church

Other church management systems take kickbacks from their payment set-ups — not us. Choose from our many integrated payment solutions and receive the lowest fee so you pay the minimum possible, and none of the fees rebound to TouchPoint. Your church and mission receive all the benefits.

card brand fees only

Manage Funds With Ease

Time-saving, intuitive design

Drag-and-drop functionality, easy set-up, an unlimited number of customizable giving pages, URL controls — our platform is designed to save you time so you can focus on your mission.

Flexible fund structures

Choose which funds have end dates and help motivate goal-oriented donors. Decide which funds capture notes, allowing churchgoers to dedicate their generosity in memoriam or other message.

Manage Funds With Ease

Delight Your Communications Team & Congregants

Custom templates 

Just as you can create and customize multiple giving templates, you can do the same with emails, ensuring your messages have a consistent voice, look, and feel.

A helping hand

Pressed for time? TouchPoint comes pre-loaded with email templates for different giving opportunities — thank-yous for one-time versus recurring gifts, for example — but you can still tailor the templates with your branding and messaging.

A check-out system

A check-out system you’ll recognize (and that recognizes you)

Today’s transaction systems automatically recognize credit card types — TouchPoint is no different. Our ChMS also stores past payment methods, easing donors’ giving journey.


Protection for Your Team & Church Members

Security you control 

Our Level 4 PCI-compliant system uses a third-party gateway, which means TouchPoint passes your donors’ information along, never holding on to it. Payment information is is securely stored in your own digital vault.

Convenient safety precautions

TouchPoint remembers donors’ log-in information, removing one more roadblock to charity without sacrificing security.

Protection for Your Team