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5 Things XPs need in a ChMS ebook

Executive pastors have a tough but important job. They connect leaders’ vision to everyday operations. They also find strategies to keep everyone in the church engaged and on mission.

That’s a lot of responsibility. How can you be sure the decisions you are making for your church are the right ones?

An effective church management system (ChMS) is one of the best tools to equip your ministry and make your job easier. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which features are essential for YOUR church.

Free Resource: 5 Things Executive Pastors Need in a Church Management System

In this EBook, you'll learn:

  • Common challenges facing Executive Pastors and how to address them
  • What features your church management system needs to help you make informed decisions
  • How to overcome the barriers of connecting vision to resources

Download and share this resource with your friends in ministry today!

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