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Mobile technology has evolved quickly to enhance our everyday experiences. It’s changed the way we interact with companies and organizations, and churches are no exception.

People use mobile apps to manage nearly every aspect of their lives—finding new friends, buying concert tickets, or transferring money between their bank accounts. As life continues to be shaped by advances in mobile technology, and it’s also evolving how the church communicates and carries out discipleship.

Church leaders must stay on top of industry trends. The following are a few ways the use of mobile technology is changing how people interact with their church, and how the church can adapt to meet these changes:

Mobile giving

The increase in web-based financial transactions has contributed significantly to the development of mobile technology. When churchgoers can give on their mobile phones, it makes it easier for them to donate to the church. Advances in mobile payments provide a safer and more secure way to pay, which is contributing to a continued steep rise in mobile transactions between churchgoers and churches.

Text-based giving has also been increasing. It’s been shown that churches that accept online donations increase their overall giving by 32%. What’s more, 60% of church donors are willing to do so digitally. Whether through an app or text, churches should definitely be opening up their capacity for mobile donations.

Advanced analytics with mobile church apps

Predictive analytics helps churches understand their congregations more intimately so as to serve them better. A significant way to engage with and understand those involved with the church is through church apps. These are some of the things that can be done through a church app:

  • Stay up to date on events and classes
  • Fill out feedback surveys
  • Submit prayer requests during church services
  • Access the exact scripture of the day’s service
  • Tithe, give to one-time offerings, and see past giving history

Having a church app that integrates with your church management system can help churches obtain and securely store vital data about their congregants. This information can then be analyzed and used to learn how to grow more fully devoted followers of Christ.

Apps that let you schedule content in advance

Touchpoint has a component on its mobile app feature that allows churches to schedule their content for publishing in advance. Push notifications, messages, banners, and announcements can be scheduled or rotated based on the day, year, month, etc. This content can be customized using the software to preview how it will look in the app.

For example, if churches want to create unique seasonal content for Thanksgiving and Christmas, they can upload those banners within the Touchpoint app configuration portal and schedule them on the date they want those materials to go live on the app. You can even have Sunday-specific content queued to go up based on the day’s sermon theme. Using this feature is a great way to ensure the mobile app is current and engaging for congregants.

Mobile video continues to dominate

Online church services will continue to grow as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, but that does not mean people have to engage with churches less.

When it comes to mobile, video is still king. In fact, video is one of the most effective marketing tools at the moment for churches. With an increased focus in 2020 of live streaming church services, mobile video is more important than ever. It has been proven that churches that take advantage of live video as part of their strategy experience growth.

Video enables churches to reach a broader audience—perhaps even outside their geographical area. If your church has not already done so, be sure to have mobile app live streaming at the forefront of your technology and growth strategy.

Ticketing attendance

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped people from wanting to attend church in-person, despite the advances in live streaming. A new technology that allows people to attend service in person while also social distancing is TouchPoint’s ticketing feature. It provides a safer way for church attendees to attend service in person by reserving limited spots. For families, it even lets parents reserve spots for children in the nurseries.

The ticketing feature can also be used for church events, for example, a Christmas concert. It can also be used to check service attendance when people enter their information in the online forms.

Now that you know the mobile technology trends for 2020, you can begin implementing more of these strategies to grow your church base and effectively engage your community. What’s important to bear in mind is how your followers react to these changes, as they are what matters most. Don’t be afraid to try different mobile engagement strategies to see what works with your base. If you want to learn more about how TouchPoint can connect your church with the help of mobile technology, sign up for a demo of TouchPoint Software today!

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