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Thank you for joining us for this month's webinar where our partners at MinistrySafe shed light on how we can equip our ministries with best practices in preventing child sexual abuse. While this is a hard topic, it is an important one which is why we decided to share these resources with you all in April.

Watch the webinar here: 


Here are some free resources written by the founders of MinistrySafe your church can use at any time: 

Child Sexual Abuse & Student Ministry
Reporting Abuse - The Church's Blindspot 
Stop Sexual Abuse - Responding to an Allegation
False Allegations
Reporting Processes
Child Sexual Abuse in Ministry Contexts - Understanding the Risk
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse - An Effective Safety System
Effective Screening - Keeping the Wolf Out of the Sheep Pen
Criminal Background Checks - Not a Silver Bullet!
Peer-to-Peer Child Sexual Abuse Risk - Protecting Children from Other Children
Child Sexual Abuse and Insurance Coverage - Avoiding Common Pitfalls
Registered Sex Offenders - Should Your Church Accommodate Known Offenders?


Keep an eye on our blog early Summer for information on TouchPoint's MinistrySafe integration. 

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