Katie.Wilson • Apr 01, 2022

Andrew and Chris showed off TouchPoint’s newest features in the most recent webinar. 

To Recap:

  • Some major feature enhancements relating to Check-In have a dedicated blog that you will not want to miss. One of these enhancements is related to Check-In kiosk modes where you can set a kiosk to “scanning” and let individuals scan their Pre-Check QR codes from their app. This feature does need a background image set. Village Bible has a great example of how you can utilize this background image:
  • Another release from this past week is related to the standardized grade dropdown. Check that blog out here.
  • Many of you know we recently integrated with Ministry By Text. Churches now have the option to choose between MBT and Twilio and we have been continuing to update and enhance the SMS feature within TouchPoint. Read about the most recent update to SMS here.
  • The Tasks and Notes feature enhancement has been live for a while now, but we are continuing to make tweaks to make your experience even better! Read more about the recent update here.
  • It is easier than ever for church members to make updates their recurring gifts. Learn more here

There is so much more covered in our recording, so if you would like a deep dive into our new features, watch the webinar below!

 Click  HERE  to download the slide deck! 

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