hayley.whitworth • Apr 06, 2022

Branding is a representation of your church’s identity, such as the values it embraces and the messages it shares. People want to be involved with organizations where those align with their own. Recognizable branding instills trust for the community. People are more likely to continue with a transaction if they are comfortable with what they see. Branding can invoke an emotional response, so cultivating a positive image will have an impact on a person when they see your logo and colors.

Assemble A Brand Kit

If your church hasn’t already established a strong brand identity, consider building a Brand Kit. This may contain your selected color scheme, logos, typography (font style and size), graphics, and any other guidelines. You may have different graphics for different ministries (think Children versus Adults). Our friends at Abundant Life have assembled a Brand Style Guide that you may reference.

Communicate Your Brand Through TouchPoint

Brand TouchPoint with your church’s approved logos and graphics. Download our free Branding PDF to learn more about how you can apply your church’s branding to your TouchPoint database and to see some great examples of churches who have done so beautifully.

Want To Learn More About Branding? 

Additional Resources

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