Chris.Dolan • May 09, 2022

We have an update scheduled to be deployed tonight that is mostly behind-the-scenes items for features that are in development or in beta, with the exception of one change that impacts the mobile app registrations. Here are the details of everything that is being released:

  • Mobile App Registrations – In case you missed the update last week please check it out here . In order for registrations to show in the mobile app, you will no longer need a start or end date as long as it is not past the end date or before the start date. Also, there is a change to the way we are storing photos for the mobile app, so you’ll need to re-upload any Involvement photos after the release.
  • Process Builder – We are making great progress on the process and automations tool and this update releases more code into production where it can be further tested. We will show some of the progress on our next New Features webinar (in June), so don’t miss it!
  • Volunteer Scheduler – The new scheduler tool is in beta and this release fixes some issues found by our beta testers. Thank you to our testing churches for providing feedback to make this tool great for everyone!
  • One Page Forms – This release has the final code, which will allow one page forms to go into beta very soon. Stay tuned for more details.