Chris.Dolan • Jun 06, 2022

Our first (of what will likely be two) release in June is scheduled to be deployed tomoritem night, Tuesday, June 7th next Wednesday night, June 15th. Several updates are for features that are still in development or in beta, but please read carefully since there are some smaller enhancements included in the release as well. 

Here are the details of everything that is being released:

  • Process Builder – We are excited to have the full infrastructure of the process builder in place! This includes one trigger and action (with many more already in development). You will be able to see this at our New Features Webinar later this month, so be sure to sign up !
  • Volunteer Scheduler – The new Scheduler tool is in beta, and this release fixes some issues found by our beta testers. Thank you to our testing churches for providing feedback to make this tool great for everyone!
  • Infrastructure Changes – We have been busy making some changes behind the scenes that will ensure our software remains scalable, reliable, and fast as we add new features and more churches come on board. This deployment makes some changes that will allow us to take advantage of new cloud tools, ensuring you get the best possible performance from our software.
  • Alt Name Replacement Code – We have added a new replacement code that can be used in emails and text messages for Alt Name.
  • Excel Export Button on Managed Giving Page – Need to download a list of your recurring donors to slice and dice the data in different ways? This is now possible!
  • TouchPoints Tab on Business Records – You spoke and we listened! We have added the TouchPoints tab for use with Business/Entity profiles.
  • Managing Visibility and Sort Order of Involvements – Are there Involvements that you don’t want or need to be visible to MyData and OrgLeaderOnly users? (Examples might be “staff use only” Involvements or things used for internal tracking.) You can now restrict which Involvement Types show for these users and the order in which the Involvement Types show on the Involvement tab.
  • Vital Stats Graph Restricted By Role – Several churches have requested to have the ability to set which users are able to see the Vital Stats Graph. This is now possible with the new setting called Vital Stats Graph Role.
  • Change Log Enhancements – We now track changes to Emergency Contact, Allergies, Medications, and other fields located on the Involvement > Registrations tab of the people record. These changes are recorded on the System > Changes tab of the people record.
  • Comments Tab Visibility – We are making room for two new tabs (Processes and Engagement) that are currently in development. Also, since Task & Notes replaces the need for the Comments tab, you can now hide the tab for all users with a new Administrative setting.
  • Task & Notes Enhancements – One of our partner churches had some ideas to make Tasks & Notes easier to use, and we agreed! Stay tuned to our blog for more details on these enhancements. Thanks to James at Tenth Presbyterian for developing these great enhancements.
  • New Mission Trip Setting – You now have the ability to allow a Mission Trip Goer to raise beyond their designated amount.