Chris Dolan • Jul 06, 2022

Recently TouchPoint announced a new Administrative Setting called GradeUpdateDate. This setting is not currently functional , but will be effective Thursday, July 7th.

The default value is set for July 1st, which means that the Grade field will not update this year unless you set this to a future date.

For this year, you have 3 options:

1. Do nothing – No grades will update this year, but next year on July 1, all grades (except any that start with “Class of” will increase one year).
2. Adjust it to a date after the current date – Grades will then update automatically on that date (it is recommended to then reset it to the date you would want these to update next year so that you don’t forget to adjust it).
3. Adjust it to a date in the past – Grades will not update this year, but they will update automatically on this date next year.

Note : if you have previously set this date in the past, you will need to modify it when this update goes out since we had to reset all current settings.

Reports : This release will also update the following reports to start using the new Grade Field: Blue Toolbar reports (including the Excel export, Attendance (Main Fellowship), Custom Report, Member Export, and Group Export) and Children reports will now reflect the Grade from the new grade on a person’s record or from the Grade question in a registration.

Note : Please consider carefully how or if you use the Grade question in a registration. You may want to ask for “current” grade rather than upcoming grade to avoid a “double promotion.”