Shane Dougherty • Aug 18, 2022

Our August release is scheduled to be deployed next Monday night, August 22nd 29th. Some updates are for features that are still in development or in beta, but there are several new features and enhancements as well.


Here are the details of everything that is being released:

Fully Released New Features

  • MinistrySafe Integration – As previously announced, we are integrating with MinistrySafe to provide background checks and abuse-prevention training. We have also made enhancements to the Involvement > Volunteer tab on a People Record to better support the background check process.
  • Engagement Score – If you’re using Engagement Scores, you will be excited to know there is a new status badge that shows the individual’s score. You can update an Administrative Setting to specify who sees the badge. There is also a new export that shows the score over the past 52 weeks, 12 quarters, or 3 years.
  • Check-In – There is a new Profile setting that allows you to hide the photo editing ability and emergency contact ability. Additionally, Meetings are now organized by time slots inside of Check-In.
  • Status Flag – We have updated the Status Flag feature to where you are now able to both view and edit the Run Order.
  • Mobile App Involvements – You may now specify the Sort order (in the Lookup Codes) for Involvements that appear within the Mobile App.
  • Yellow Bell Icon / Red Caution Icon – We are adding new client notification features. More information will be coming!

Beta / Features In Development

  • Process Builder – We’re making great progress! This is all currently happening behind the scenes on your database. Come to Summit to learn more about this new feature!
  • One-Page Form – We are releasing a few more features, and this much-anticipated Registration Type will be in beta after this release!
  • Scheduler – We are making edits to the final items before the full release!
  • We have a new Registration Type related to reserving childcare slots and paying for childcare called Childcare Scheduler. We are releasing this behind the scenes, and it will be in beta soon.
  • The next version of your custom Mobile App will be managed inside your database’s Administrative Settings! if you see a new role pop up, it’s related to that. Expect to hear more about the new Mobile App at Summit!
  • Translations – We are laying the groundwork for portions of the web application to be translated into additional languages.