STACI PATYRAK • Sep 22, 2022

Over time, several people have asked for a simplified registration that includes the collection of contact information, answers to questions, and payment all in ONE PAGE! Well, that dream is now a reality! We are pleased to announce the addition of the One Page Forms registration type!

Control over Contact Information 

With the exception of first name, last name, and email, YOU decide what contact information is asked and/or required.

Collect Donations Instead of Fees 

Have you ever wanted to collect donations with the ability to ask questions of those donors? Now you can!

Note: This feature should only be used for truly tax-deductible purposes 
(examples: Easter flower donations, memorial giving, etc.). Please consult a tax advisor for guidance.

Submission Report 

With a new registration type comes a brand new report. The submission report includes one column for each question within the form. Read more about the submission report in our recent blog.

Are you ready to create your own ONE PAGE FORM?! Learn more by checking out the One Page Forms help article!