Nov 09, 2022

We have released a new finance role named FinanceViewOnlyDetails. This role functions similarly to the existing FinanceViewOnly role, but it also grants access to view individual contributions on an individual’s record. The goal is to allow a user to see an individual’s giving information without having the access to modify it. The FinanceViewOnlyDetails role can be used in conjunction with the FundManager role to limited access to specific funds. This can be helpful if your church also has a foundation and you want to give a user access to see contributions given to the foundation, while maintaining privacy and confidentiality of other giving history.

In addition, we have updated the layout of the User Account page where an Admin assigns user roles. This includes a new column-based layout and a recategorization of the roles. This should make it easier to understand what certain roles affect so that Admins can assign the appropriate access to users.

See the Contributions – The Basics and Fund-Based Finance Roles help articles for more information.