Mar 13, 2023

We are releasing several updates related to Check-In tonight! See below for all the details.

Layout Changes
We made the meeting name and time slightly bigger so that it is easier to read. Also, now if a user clicks anywhere on the line, it will check the box, making it easier for often distracted parents checking in their children.

Testing Mode
If you are wanting to test what Check-In will look like on a different day of the week, we’ve adjusted testing mode to show the testing date on all screens in the upper right corner. This makes it super clear when you’re testing. Remember, this can now be toggled on/off in the profile settings, and you no longer need to log out and back in to Check-In. All it takes is a simple refresh of the browser.

Add Family Form
There are several situations, based on a church’s custom configurations, that we found prevented this form from working in all cases. Thanks to the feedback from our partner churches, we believe we’ve addressed all these cases so that you can now limit and/or require the necessary fields while not impacting the ability to quickly add new families. Thank you for your patience as we worked though these complex settings.

Recommended Involvements
Recommended Involvements is an unmanned process for handling load balancing and overflow scenarios. Also, the long-lost sheep or spotty attender who has been dropped from rolls will have an option for Check-In without needing an attendant to use “Visit” or “Join”.

In this release we added a few new options for setting up recommendations, updated the layout to make it easier to manage groupings, and updated the back-end logic to catch a few scenarios where a meeting should be recommended but was not. You can now choose whether to show the flag and using our translations special content file, you can name the flag something else if you prefer.
Find out more about Recommended Involvements in this article.

Building Check-in Updates
If you haven’t tried the new Building Check-In, now is the time! In this release, we added some enhancements to the attendant dashboard and removed some UI elements that are not needed for building mode. To find out more about the new Building Check-In, take a look at a recent blog post as well as the documentation.