Aug 13, 2023

Did you miss the e-mail?

Never Miss Another 

Excerpt from the email:

Hey, friends!

With two kids in high school and one in college, Kara and I decided to throw caution to the wind and take a family trip of a lifetime! All five of us went to Europe and hiked 125 miles through the Alps (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria). The Dolomites are the most majestic mountains I’ve ever seen. Our time together was priceless.

Experiencing different cultures made me want to bring a small part of each town back to Dallas. During our adventures, something about the people jumped out. Picture this: we’re wandering a small European town, and I see families whose children are the spitting image of their parents. A son playing a card game with his dad, both with corkscrew hair. The next town, it I saw the same thing: a daughter walking hand in hand with her mother – like little freckled doppelgängers. 

This got me thinking about our own reflections. How do we reflect the image of our Father? He is the “Prince of Peace”! He is righteous. The Lord is faithful. His Love endures forever. When others look at me, do they see righteousness, faith, love, and peace? Do they see my Father?

Lord, you are the vine, and we are the branches. Conform us to your perfect image for Your glory.

2 Tim 2:22,

Ross Miller