Aug 24, 2023

We recently released several updates related to the Finance – Phase I changes based on feedback from our partner churches.

1. The number pad on the keyboard can now be used to quickly enter contributions without needing to use your mouse.  The Enter key performs the same function as the Tab key.

2. Contribution notes now display in Batches the same way they did in Bundles. This means that staff-entered notes will be visible on the Batches page. Donor-entered notes can be viewed on the Contribution Search page by checking the “Filter by Donor Notes” checkbox.

3. Save & Next button has been added to the Batch entry box that allows you to save that entry and automatically go to the next entry.

4. In line editing is now available within a Batch for the following:
a. Source
b. Fund / Code
c. Type
d. Amount
e. Check/Last 4
f. Notes

5. Split entry icon has been added between the delete and edit icons for each entry. This will open a popup window to set the “Split Amount” and “Split Fund”.
6. The Reference # will now show in unclosed Batches.
7. A link to the Batch report is now available on the Batch page itself, in addition to the Batches page.
8. The Pledge Fulfillment Report link has been added back to the Fund page.
9. Deceased people no longer show up in the dropdown when attributing a check.
10. The new Pledge page calculations now include joint giving if the person has joint giving with their spouse.
11. The Donor Totals by Range report now includes non tax deductible contributions.

Thank you to the churches that provided feedback and helped make the system better for all churches. Our goal is to make these pages easy to use and reduce the time needed to manage your contributions.

Finance – Phase II is just around the corner. Keep an eye on the blog for more details soon!