Sep 01, 2023

With the release of Phase II of our Finance Enhancements, there will be a period of a few days when batches may need some adjustments.

Since the release on August 30th, you may see the following scenarios occur:

1. Transactions may have moved from one batch to another batch, even if the batch was already closed. This should have only affected very recent batches within the last few days prior to the release. This would be batches involving transactions that had not yet settled. Going forward, transactions will be moved to the appropriate Online settlement batch automatically.

2. There may be one or more Online batches with no transactions included. These batches are a result of registration transactions that occurred prior to the Phase II deployment, since they did not have a corresponding batch entry. These empty Online batches will stop being created once all of those registration transactions have settled next week. We will then delete the empty Online batches for you.

If you have any questions or need assistance with batch transactions, please send in a Support ticket and our team will be happy to help!

NOTE: A blog outlining the recommended reconciliation processes will be coming soon!