Hayley Whitworth • Oct 06, 2023

Introducing TouchPoint’s chatbot to help you get answers to your questions quickly!

As this feature is still in beta, we strongly recommend only the TouchPoint power users begin testing for now. (The power users will know if the answers are correct or not and can also guide the bot when the answers aren’t correct.) You will likely see inaccurate responses, but the software is learning and improving.

How to begin chatting with TouchPoint Copilot

1. Visit copilot.touchpointsoftware.comYou’ll see the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

2. Simply type in your question.​ TouchPoint Copilot will provide a typed response along with corresponding documentation and video(s).

3. Rate and provide feedbackAfter you receive your response, please take a moment to indicate whether the answer was helpful or not. You will be able to indicate that yes, it was helpful or no, it wasn’t. And then you can rate the response by 1 to 5 stars. ​

Thank you for helping us test out this exciting new feature!