Hayley Whitworth • Oct 24, 2023

You don’t want to miss this! Learn why your church needs to be involved in legacy giving!

You are in for a special treat with this month’s webinar! Guest host Doug Ripley from PhilanthroCorp will be joining us to discuss why legacy giving is a major factor in your church’s future financial health and how to offer legacy giving to your members.

PhilanthroCorp serves churches, universities, and other charitable organizations by providing their constituents with a unique estate planning service from a Biblical world-view. PhilanthroCorp’s clients can offer their confidential planning services to their supporters. Their expert advice and guidance is a great service that produces both gratitude from these supporters and significant gifts to their clients. For their clients, they are trusted partners that provide a customized approach, generating consistent, measurable, and significant results.

Tune in October 26th at 2pm Central

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