Nov 06, 2023

The next release is scheduled to be deployed Wednesday night, November 8. This includes new features and updates to existing features all relating to the finance area of TouchPoint.


  • Manage Recurring Giving Page – We have added the ability for users with the FinanceAdmin or Finance + Admin roles to add new and edit existing recurring gifts. More details about this new functionality will be released in a separate blog post soon. 
  • Multiple Refunds – Churches using the TouchPoint Giving payment gateway can now issue multiple refunds for the same transaction. For example, if someone paid $100, you could refund $10 and then refund an additional amount after that. 
  • Batch Enhancements 
    • Search Performance – The search for people when assigning contributions has been optimized so that it is now much quicker.
    • Deceased People – A label will now clearly indicate donors that are deceased when assigning contributions.
    • Reversals and Returns – If a transaction is reversed or returned, it will be automatically removed from the batch, regardless of the batch type or status. Reversals and returns continue to be handled from the Contribution Search page. Read more about how to do this in the Corrections / Reversals for Contributions and Returned Checks help articles.
    • Mass Updates – If a batch is open, you can now perform the following mass updates to entries:
      • Move to another batch (only to an open batch)
      • Delete entry – pops up a warning before performing the delete and the deletion is tracked in the change log
      • Edit entry
        • Date
        • Fund/Account code
        • Type
        • SourceEmail receipt – This is only available for churches using the TouchPoint Giving payment gateway and can be used to notify donors who give offline (cash, check, stock, etc) that their gift has been received and recorded by the church.
  • Soft Credit Enhancements