Birthday Cakes, Paper Airplanes, and Cameras… Oh My! 

Let’s talk about customizing your Check-In labels. We have added new and helpful information to the Check-In labels!

Can you add our logo?
You bet! 
Can you add icons for things like photo releases?
No brainer! 
Can you make the child’s name bigger?
When we’re done, you’ll be able to read Suzy’s name from space—or at least from the other side of the room. 

The TouchPoint Label Builder provides all the flexibility you need to create customized labels that meet your team’s specific needs. 

Elements are super simple to add and include subgroups, parent names, contact info, and allergies. You can even add icons that correspond to Status Flags! 

Good question; calm down. Below, we have a church example. This church added a paper airplane icon to indicate that this child is approved to self-release and a camera icon to indicate that the team has approval to take and use a photo of this kiddo. 

Now your staff and volunteers all know at a glance how to best support little Suzy without needing to go through files, asking another leader, or finding her parents!