Keeping your church safe is our top priority. That’s why we’ve introduced the Background Check Widget – a simple tool that helps you stay on top of background checks for staff and volunteers. Wondering when to run checks or how to make the process easier? Let’s dive in.

How the Background Check Widget Helps

Stay Organized: Our widget fits right into your TouchPoint dashboard, reminding you of who needs a check and when.

Keep Updated: Whether it’s a role change or a new regulation, you’ll get alerts so you can act fast.

Save Time: We automate the scheduling so you can focus more on your community.

Who This Widget Is For

  • Church Leaders: Make safeguarding your congregation simpler.
  • Volunteer Coordinators: Ensure your volunteers are always vetted.
  • Administrative Staff: Keep track of checks without the headache.

This is Your Reminder to Set Your Reminder

Background checks are vital for creating a safe church environment. Here’s when you might need one:

1. It’s Been a While: Setting regular intervals (like yearly) for background checks helps keep everyone safe.

2. New Roles: If someone is moving into a new position, especially one with more responsibility, it’s time for a check.

3. Following the Rules: Keep up with church and legal guidelines to ensure you’re always in compliance.

4. Just to Be Safe: If you have any concerns, it’s always better to check and be sure.


Our Background Check Widget is more than just a tool – it’s your partner in maintaining a secure and compliant church environment. Ready to make background checks a breeze?

Widget Setup

Upgrade your church’s safety strategy today. Our team will be happy to assist with setting this up in only an hour. Request this feature today!

Get started with TouchPoint’s Background Check Widget and take advantage of a special offer from our Ministry Partner, MinistrySafe, for background checks. Learn more about MinistrySafe and get your discount here.