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It's Mobile May! For the month of May, TouchPointers will be devoted to the Mobile App! TouchPoint's Mobile App communicates seamlessly with your TouchPoint database. This gives you the flexibility to access the same information at work, at home, while ministering in the community, etc. Our Mobile App Directories make it easy for you and your churchgoers to stay connected. 

Of course, these Directories are highly customizable! You decide which Involvements appear in the Mobile App. You decide which Involvements get Directories. You decide what information is revealed in those Directories (per Involvement) for Leaders and Members. The icing: Members have the final say on what personal information of theirs is shared, so you can never share more than what they're comfortable with. 

Check out this episode of TouchPointers to see our Mobile App Directories: 

Read more about Privacy Settings for Mobile App Directories.

For personalized help setting up your Mobile App Directories, reach out to Consulting@TouchPointSoftware.com

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