The next release is scheduled to be deployed Wednesday night, May 15. This includes new features and updates to existing features.

  • Training Website – A new Training tab will be added to the Help page in TouchPoint that provides a button to access the TouchPoint Training Library of videos.
  • Mission Trip Support Notice – A new system email template will be available named Mission Trip Support Notice. This will let you customize the email sent when someone supports a mission trip.
  • Totals by Age Report – A new “Age on Date” date picker will be added to the report that allows the user to select the date they want to use to calculate the person’s age.
  • Home Page – We are introducing speed improvements to the TouchPoint Home Page that will allow you to more quickly navigate to another page without needing to wait for all the widgets to load.

We are excited to announce that the first round of beta churches are live on the new Registration Form feature and in the process of testing it now. 95% of the changes in that release are not yet visible to everyone else, but there are a few changes you might have noticed due to this recent update. Those include:

  • Involvement Member Dialog updates
    • The Move and Drop buttons were removed, but those are coming back in this release.
    • The Edit button has been removed. You can now just make any necessary changes and click the blue Save button at the bottom.
    • The Extra Member Info section has been renamed to Notes.
    • The Notes tab has been removed and that information is now displayed in the Notes section on the Member Data tab.
    • The Pending checkbox has been moved to the drop-down menu to the left of the Name column on the Members tab.
  • New Lookup Codes allow answers to the following questions to be set/standardized per church.
    • Shirt Sizes
    • Medications
  • Two new email templates for the default confirmation and notification email.

We will release more information about the new Registration Forms as we get closer to the full release to all partner churches.