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You may not have noticed, but included in our February 2022 release was an exciting brand new feature! We think the Failed Gift Task will make it much easier to follow up on those recurring gift failures. Here’s the scoop! 

New Settings:

  • Failed Gift Task - Set this to True to enable the failed gift task.
  • Failed Gift Task Owner - Use the people chooser to select the owner of these tasks. This should be someone with the Finance role.

Update To An Existing Setting:

  • LimitToRoleTasksNotes - Add the Finance role to the comma-separated list. This will allow you to filter for those Tasks when using the Role filter. 

New Keyword:

  • Failed Gift - This Keyword now exists on all databases and cannot be deleted. This will be automatically added to the Failed Gift Tasks for easy filtering. 
What To Expect

Read more about this exciting new feature in the Recurring Giving Failure Notices help article!

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